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ESET is the antivirus software for the ITQB, this licence allows it to be installed on the ITQB machines and in the home machines of ITQB's staff and researchers.


How to setup ESET antivirus on...



How to check for version 4 of ESET


Check near the clock, bottom right, for a green icon like que one in the picture

If needed, click on the arrows to expand all the icons


How to remove the ESET mail footer


  • Double click on ESET antivirus icon on the taskbar.
  • Select "Setup".
  • Click on "Enter advanced mode...".
  • Expand "Web and email"
  • Select "Email client protection".
  • Select "Never" in the "Append tag messages to received and read email" drop down box.
  • Select "Never" in the "Append tag messages to sent email" drop down box.
  • Click "OK"