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Why you need Backups


The work you've done on your computer, (i.e., your data files) is easily damaged.  A few moments can destroy all the documents, spreadsheets, presentations, etc., that you have created.  If this happens and you don't have your data files backed up, you will need to recreate them from scratch or do without.  All storage media (hard disks, floppy disks, pen disks, ...) can physically fail or be damaged by, among other things, viruses and power outages.  You will eventually lose important files stored on your computer!


Where to Backup to


  1. USB Pen drives - For personal backup purposes, pen drives are the most reliable medium.

  2. External USB Disks - If your data don't fit one pen drive, this is your second best choice.

  3. CD's or DVD's - If you have a CD or DVD burner you can probably use it to back up your data using a re-writable CD-RW disk, a DVD-RW disk, or a DVD+RW disk.  The specific type of re-writable DVD you need to use depends on your DVD burner. 

  4. A Local Area Network

    Local Area Network (LAN) file storage, if available, is the ideal location to back up your files.  A LAN provides you with file storage on a central computer and  data files are backed up to an external server every night.  If you back up your files to a LAN you get a second backup with no effort on your part.

    You can request an additional quota (5GB) for your personal account in order to backup your work in the ITQB backup server using our helpdesk system.



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