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The ITQB anti-virus is available in two versions for inside and outside use.

The "inside" version has a stable password and sends alerts to SI/ITS to help us to react to new threats, is intended to be used in desktops and laptops that don't usually leave ITQB internal network. 

The "outside" version has a password that can change in the future and require a reconfiguration and don't sends alerts to SI/ITS. Is intended to be used in laptops that usually leave the ITQB's internal network and home computers.

This anti-virus licence must only be used on ITQB computers and home computer of the ITQB's researchers and support staff.


Setup Procedure


  • Run a full scan with your old anti-virus.
  • Download ESET Endpoint with your account password ( available through ITQB network or VPN ):
  • Unplug your computer from the Network - Physically remove the cable from your computer.
  • Uninstall the old antivirus.
    • Click Start > Settings > Control Panel.
    • Double Click Add or Remove programs icon.
    • Uninstall your old antivirus and update programs.
    • Reboot (Even if not required by the uninstall program)
  • Make sure you have your computer unplugged from the network (for safety reasons).
  • Install new antivirus by running the program downloaded above.
  • Connect to the network to update the anti-virus.
  • If you have problems updating your antivirus, please make a Helpdesk request.