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File Sender

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 FileSender is a file sharing service provided by FCCN using ITQB's login credentials.

 Using a HTML5 compatible browser (most modern browsers are) you can upload up to 100Gb file or send a voucher to some one who want's to send a file to you.

It's available here



  1. Logon:
    1. Select "Universidade Nova de Lisboa".
    2. Select "Instituto de Tecnologia Química e Biológica".
    3. Login with your ITQB credentials.
  2. Fill the mandatory and if needed optional fields
    1. You can send the email to yourself and then send the download link using your normal email software.
  3. Read and accept the terms and conditions of the service.



  • Maximum recipient addresses per email: Up to 100 email addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon
  • Maximum number of files per upload: one - to upload several files in one transaction, compress them into a single archive first
  • Maximum file size per upload, with : 100 GB
  • Maximum file size per upload, with Adobe Flash only: 2 GB
  • Maximum file / voucher expiry days: 60