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  • The subject of the mails sent to the mailing lists should be short/accurate. Many people won't read threads without subjects, and subject lines like PLEASE HELP!!! are unlikely to get the right (or possibly any) response!
    • Good subject: ITQBII: Power outage/corte de electricidade, 12.01.1997
    • Bad subject: Importante!!! / Important!!!
  • It is suggested that the message is bilingual.
  • Any mail sent to the list should be of broad interest to the list members as a whole. 


Available Mailing-lists


If you want to send a mail to a mailing list: LIST NAME followed by


  • Purpose: This list is THE way to reach ALL people in the ITQB so use it wisely. Don't use this list for personal anouncements, only for scientific or relavant information regarding ITQB.
  • Subscription: Restricted to people working in the ITQB and for them, compulsory.
    Please inform us per E-mail if you don't receive mail from this list.



  • Purpose: You can use this list to send non scientific information (examples: room renting, car selling, etc...).
  • Subscription: Restricted to people working in the ITQB and for them.



  • Purpose: People in the ITQBI.
  • Subscription: Restricted to people working in the ITQBI.


More Info


If you need more information please contact SI. If you want to subscribe or change any settings use our helpdesk system.