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The VPN allows you to work from home as if you were inside the ITQB, you can use your normal email program, browse the subscribed journals available on our library site and use a remote desktop program to connect to you personal computer. It's intended to be used on your home computer or laptop.

Please use only you VPN to internal access and disconnect after, an access to youtube thru the VPN passes twice on ITQB Network and provides a slower service to you.



  • Run the installer provided.
  • Click all the wizard "Next" buttons and agree with changes requested.


  • Double click the openVPN icon on your desktop.
  • Double click the openVPN icon on your taskbar.
  • Right click on you openVPN icon on your taskbar and select Disconnect to end the session.

MacOs X


  • Download and install tunnelblick stable version
  • Choose "I have configuration files" and finalize the installation.
  • Double click ITQB.tblk directory provided.
  • Click on Tunnelblick icon near the clock
  • Select VPN details
  • Choose "ITQB" configuration and then open "Settings" tab in the middle
  • Change OpenVPN version to 2.3.18 - OpenSSL


  • It should start automatically.
  • Use the tunnelblik icon on the taskbar to connect and disconnect.

Linux (ubuntu)


  • Install the package "network-manager-openvpn-gnome"
  • Click on the network icon.
  • Select "Edit connections..."
  • Click "Add..."
  • Select "Import a saved VPN configuration..."
  • Click "Create..."
  • Open the "open.ovpn" file provided.
  • Change the connection name to some thing usefull (ITQB).
  • Insert your VPN password.
  • Click "Save".


  • Click on the network icon.
  • Select "VPN Connections..." -> "ITQB"