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Web Conference

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 Colibri is a Web video conference and collaboration service available to the Portuguese academic community, to meet, work and share knowledge.

 Using your ITQB account credentials you can use it and invite external entities to your sessions.

 You will have to first authenticate your self, schedule a  session and then attend it. Please follow the instructions bellow.



  • Select Universidade Nova de Lisboa from the dropbox.
  • Optionally check the Memorize check boxes.
  • Click on Entrar.

  • Select Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica e Biologica from the dropbox.
  • Optionally check the Memorize checkboxes.
  • Click on Selecione.

  • Fill the form with your ITQB username and password.
  • Click on entrar.


Schedule meeting

 After authenticating to the Colibri service you can shedule a meeting.

  • Fill the form to meet your needs by setting Topic, When and Duration.
  • Set the Time Zone to Lisbon (or other agreed with your guests)
  • Protected it with a password if needed.
  • The remaining default options should be ok for a standard session.


  • Click on Save.
  • On Invite Attendees copy join URL and email it to you guests or click on "Copy the invitation" for more details


Participate in meeting

If you are the session host you must login first as described above, click on Agendar then on Meetings on the left, then on Entrar on the right, if you are a guest you only need the link created above.

The first time you use the service, please click on Download & run Zoom, the next times just choose Zoom the Launch Application menu.