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The ITQB webmail service is available here

 Webmail speed tips

 To speed up your webmail account, please follow this guidelines:

  • Keep the minimum ammount of mail in your inbox. Your webmail account will load much faster and when you check for new mail it will be faster too.
    • To archive your old mail, you can create folders and drag and drop the messages from your Inbox to this folders.
    • To manage your folders, click on "Personal Settings", then on "Folders", then use the "Create new folder" form bellow.
  • Empty you trash folder
    • Click on your "Trash" folder then on "Empty" bellow.
    • You can also choose to do it every time you logout, for that you can click on "Personal Settings" then check "Clear Trash on logout".
  • Delete all useless mail.
    • All the mail received @itqb uses the resources available twice,  the first time to deliver and store it, a second time when copied and maintained on our backup server.


 Import Gmail contacts

  • First, export contacts from gmail:
    • Goto you gmail contacts page.
    • Click on the "Export" link.
    • Answer the "Who do you want to export?" question.
    • Select "vCard format" in" Which export format?".
    • Click on the "Export" button and save the file.
  • Second, import contacts to webmail:
    • Goto your webmail page.
    • Click on the "Address book" link.
    • Click on the "Import contacts" link (green upper arrow).
    • Upload the file saved above.
    • Click on "Import".